A multi passionate social media enthusiast

who’s called to helping beauty professionals overcome their fear and anxiety over putting themselves out there on social media.

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When I started my social media business one year ago I was full of fear. I felt alone and intimidated by all the other people out there. Don’t let the bold appearance fool you, I can be incredibly nervous and shy.

Overcoming my fears and making the imperfections about myself and my brand actually because the very thing that helped me grow. Tips, tools, and techniques were unmatched against the power of being myself in all the right places. I truly believe there is freedom in creating a life where you love what you get paid to do, and I want to help women get one step closer to that place using the incredible tool that is social media. When I’m not talking someone's ear off about the latest Instagram Algorithm I am cooking, painting, cosplaying, or probably watching HGTV with my 3 dogs. 🐶 I truly feel my purpose is to help women find their passion and monetize it so they can live a life that ignites them.