• You feel as though there are so many people in the social media world that have way bigger followings than you there’s no WAY you’ll get noticed.

  • You have no idea what to post or you get stuck on your posts being perfect you end up not posting anything at all.

  • You don’t know how to talk about your service without sounding sales-y or disingenuous.

  • You have no idea how to take pictures of your clients that actually look as good as it does in person

  • You finally get the courage to post and no one seems to even see it, let alone engage with it!

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  • You have a steady stream of dream clients who know and love your brand.

  • You are able to scale your business into new avenues like education using the power of social media leverage.

  • You find life long fans who you can be yourself with and they only want to see more of you.

  • You find posting on social media an enjoyable and creative process rather than overwhelming or daunting.

  • You have a social media strategy you are confident in and that works specifically for your brand.

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Introducing my FIND YOUR VOICE 1:1 Coaching

12 weeks to turn your IG into a client ATTRACTING machine.



I will empower you to utilize all that makes you special while simultaneously learning the following topics:

  • Social Media Cleanse & Reset

  • Brand Voice / Message

  • Finding your Niche

  • Brand Visual Storytelling

  • Optimizing your Profile 

  • Developing a Content Strategy

  • Creating Copy that Converts

  • Professional photos via Iphone

  • Using IG Stories to Book Clients

  • Engagement Methods for Success

  • How to use Planoly, Canva, and other tools to relieve stress



This program includes
the following:

  • 12 Zoom Calls

  • 9 Worksheets with take home information 

  • 5 Canva IG Templates

  • 1 VIsual Storytelling Mood Board

  • 30 Days of IG content Planned together in Planoly

  • Unlimited Email + IG messaging

  • 1 Killer IG strategy designed for you and your brand

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Why 1:1 Coaching?

As a social media  manager I am able to help larger businesses form successful strategies to build up their brand presence. I realized that in doing this I wasn’t able to help those who didn’t have the money for a full time manager but still needed help navigating social media.

I know now that IG’s currently the biggest and most active social media for businesses in the beauty space. In order to stand out you need to use the most unique quality of your business - you!

Who is this program for?

  • Hairstylists, dermatologists, skin therapists, nail technicians, micro blading experts, eyelash extension experts, and those who consider their field to be about beauty empowerment.

  • Beautypreneurs who have build a small and steady base and are ready to expand their clientele and improve their social media presence.

  • Women who are willing to work hard and invest to build the business of their dreams!


 Investment for this program:


1 payment of


3 payments of $500.00